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Elon Musk: When Billionaires Divorce

Andrew Feldstein
The public’s fascination with the rich and famous can be particularly intense when a marriage breakdown occurs. This is especially the case when there is a large amount of wealth involved. A high net worth divorce can be very contentious and create a number of legal issues. This might please journalists, but for the couple […]

Hunter Biden: Depleting Assets

Andrew Feldstein
As recently reported by TMZ, Hunter Biden, son of former Vice-President Joe Biden, is currently involved in a bitter property dispute with his former partner Kathleen. The couple separated in October, 2015, but Kathleen has only recently moved to file for divorce, among other relief. According to Kathleen, Hunter has spent a significant amount of […]

Kurt Cobain’s Guitar: The Exclusion of Gifts During Marriage

Andrew Feldstein
According to TMZ, Kurt Cobain’s daughter is demanding that her estranged husband return one of her father’s famous guitars. Frances Bean Cobain filed a claim asking the court to force her estranged husband, Isaiah Silva, to return the 1959 Martin D-18E acoustic. Apparently Silva has been holding onto the guitar since Frances filed for divorce […]

Cuba Gooding Jr: Post-Separation Increases

Andrew Feldstein
In 2014, Cuba Gooding Jr’s former partner, Sara Gooding, filed court documents which indicated the couple had separated, but did not deal with the issue of divorce. As reported by TMZ, Cuba Gooding Jr. is finished with being separated, and wants to proceed with finalizing the divorce. In addition to making a claim for joint […]

Abby Wambach Parts Ways with her Wife and Home

Andrew Feldstein
According to TMZ, Abby Wambach, retired FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, separated from her wife, Sarah Huffman in April 2016. In August 2016, Wambach listed the couple’s home for sale. Before she was married, Wambach purchased the home for around $750,000 but the home is now listed for a whopping $1.349 million. It’s not clear […]

A Real Housewife with House No More

Andrew Feldstein
‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star and model, Cynthia Bailey, and husband, Peter Thomas, have reportedly sold their family home amid their ongoing separation and expected divorce. Less than five months after announcing their split, Bailey and Thomas put their four-bedroom, five-bathroom home on the market in July, and it is already in escrow – for […]

What’s Mine is Not Yours: Lisa Marie Presley’s Husband Plays Loose with their Money

Andrew Feldstein
After 10 years of marriage, Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’ 48 year old daughter, has filed for divorce from musician husband, Michael Lockwood. Presley initially cited irreconcilable differences for the separation – stating that she was uninterested in Lockwood’s money, and did not want any child or spousal support. TMZ however, has recently reported that Presley’s […]

Dragging Out the Kardashians

Andrew Feldstein
A new kerfuffle has arisen in the divorce saga of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. Kardashian filed for divorce in December 2013. Before the courts finalized the divorce, Odom fell ill and Kardashian agreed to withdraw the divorce until he recovered. The Inquisitr reports that while Kardashian has yet to re-file the divorce papers, there appears to be no reasonable prospect of reconciliation between the parties.