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Diaries of a Deadbeat Dad: Danny Tartabull faces Prison Time for Failure to Pay Child Support


Former New York Yankees star Danny Tartabull has been arrested in California more than five years after a warrant was issued for his arrest. His crime? Failure to pay child support. Danny has two adult children with whom he reportedly shares a good relationship.

In Ontario, if you decide not to make your support payments, the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) may take action and begin enforcing the order by taking the payments directly from you.

They can do this by deducting the payments directly from your wages or other sources of income, i.e., sales commissions, Employment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, income tax refunds, severance pay and pensions.

Alternatively, they may:

  • register a lien against your personal property or real estate,
  • garnish your bank account, or
  • garnish 50% of a joint bank account that partly belongs to you.

FRO can also:

  • make an order against another person who is helping you hide your income/assets,
  • suspend your driver license,
  • report you to the credit bureau (which would make it difficult for them to get a loan), and
  • cancel your passport.

If the FRO is unable to enforce the payments using one of the aforementioned mechanisms, then you may:

  • be brought back to court, or
  • a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

The result would be the imposition of either a fine or term of imprisonment.

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