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Patridge Alleges Bohan was Abusive and Violent: The Effects of Domestic Violence on Family Law Issues

Andrew Feldstein
In late September, former ‘Hills’ star, Audrina Patridge, filed to divorce husband, Corey Bohan, Australian BMX rider. The couple were married for less than a year, but Bohan’s menacing behaviour and the domestic violence supposedly triggered the spilt. Despite Patridge’s claims that Bohan was physically violent, threatened suicide and was emotionally abusive, the District Attorney’s […]

Kelly Dodd, Housewife No More: What is a Bifurcated Divorce?

Andrew Feldstein
Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd has revealed that she wants a divorce from her husband of 11 years, Michael Dodd. Dodd’s relationship with her husband has been rocky and tumultuous for several years, with Dodd previously filing for divorce in 2012. Soon after however, the couple rekindled their love and were on […]

Kevin Hart Caught Red Handed

Andrew Feldstein
Kevin Hart is in hot water this week for cheating on his pregnant wife, Eniko. A video has surfaced of the comedian in a compromising and intimate position with another woman. The 4 minutes and 47 second film is highly edited, cut with interviews given by Kevin on his strong views regarding fidelity. The video […]

Lisa Marie Presley: Interim Disbursements

Andrew Feldstein
According to the Los Angeles Times, Lisa Marie Presley has been ordered to pay her estranged husband’s legal fees as their divorce proceedings continue to get messy. Apparently, Presley has been ordered to pay Michael Lockwood’s legal bill of $50,000 as an interim disbursement.

Cuba Gooding Jr: Post-Separation Increases

Andrew Feldstein
In 2014, Cuba Gooding Jr’s former partner, Sara Gooding, filed court documents which indicated the couple had separated, but did not deal with the issue of divorce. As reported by TMZ, Cuba Gooding Jr. is finished with being separated, and wants to proceed with finalizing the divorce. In addition to making a claim for joint […]

Brad Pitt: Missed Filing Deadline

Andrew Feldstein
As reported by TMZ, Brad Pitt has failed to file his answer with the L.A. Superior Court in response to Angelina Jolie’s application for a divorce, custody, support, and other claims. It appears that Brad has intentionally missed the deadline, claiming that a contentious legal battle may harm the children. Although the couple appear to […]

Halle Berry – the Rules of Attempting Reconciliation

Andrew Feldstein
Last year, Halle Berry and her current husband Olivier Martinez were in a hurry to get a divorce, with each of them filing pleadings with the Court to begin the process. However, no further actions have been taken by either side to proceed. TMZ reports that the couple is content to remain married, and are not in a rush to obtain the divorce. There is even some speculation that Halle may have some hope of reconciliation. But if the couple does make attempts to reconcile, what does this mean for their divorce action?

Leaked Video Reveals Johnny Depp’s Dark Side

Andrew Feldstein
It has been anything but smooth sailing for the Pirates of the Caribbean star, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as they navigate through a messy divorce. In a recent video, Johnny Depp can be seen throwing a wine bottle and glass after Heard asked if he finished a bottle of wine. Depp then attempts to […]