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Iverson for 3 . . . Million!

Andrew Feldstein
Reports indicate that former NBA star Allen Iverson settled his divorce battle by paying his estranged wife Tawanna Turner $3 million! This settlement comes after a year-long battle between the former flames, including allegations of infidelity, money sheltering and petitions for restraining orders. The duo informed the judge just 2 days before Trial, that they […]

We’re not just talking about practice anymore

Andrew Feldstein
In the day and age of shows like Basketball Wives and social media as far-reaching as Twitter, it is pretty hard for athletes and celebrities to keep their marital transgressions quiet. For former NBA-megastar Allen Iverson, having a public profile has never been so embarrassing – or controversial. According to TMZ.com, his soon-to-be ex-wife Tawanna […]

Allen Iverson: Wife Files for Divorce

Andrew Feldstein
Allen Iverson, a famous basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers decided not to return for the remainder of the season, meanwhile his wife has filed for divorce. The couple were married for 8 1/2 years. They have five children. Iverson’s wife is seeking sole custody of the couple’s children, child support, and spousal support.