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Charlie Sheen and Varying his $55,000 Monthly Child Support Payment

Andrew Feldstein
According to People.com, the actor used to make approximately $613,000 per month in while working on the show “Two and a Half Men” back in 2011. It was around that time that he and the mother of the twins made the current support agreement. Since Sheen has recently sold his rights to royalties stemming from the sitcom, he is no longer bringing in the same level of income. Sheen claims that his average monthly income is now around $87,000. He further claims that his significant debt load, health care and others expenses make it impossible for him to keep up the level of support these days.

Charlie Sheen Engaged Again: Fourth Times a Charm?

Andrew Feldstein
Charlie Sheen asked his porn star fiancée, Brett Rossi, to marry him during their Valentine’s Day vacation in Hawaii this past weekend. According to court documents seen by Radar, Charlie Sheen’s fourth fiancée is currently in the midst of divorce proceedings with her current spouse, Jonathan Ross, who filed for divorce on July 18, 2013. […]

Charlie Sheen: the Drama Continues…

Andrew Feldstein
Anyone who has read, watched or heard the news in the past few weeks knows that Charlie Sheen has been very busy lately. In the midst of his feud with the producers of his hit TV show, “Two and a Half Men”, he has also now dealing with the continuation of his feud with his […]