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Halle Berry – the Rules of Attempting Reconciliation

Andrew Feldstein
Last year, Halle Berry and her current husband Olivier Martinez were in a hurry to get a divorce, with each of them filing pleadings with the Court to begin the process. However, no further actions have been taken by either side to proceed. TMZ reports that the couple is content to remain married, and are not in a rush to obtain the divorce. There is even some speculation that Halle may have some hope of reconciliation. But if the couple does make attempts to reconcile, what does this mean for their divorce action?

A ‘Berry’ Amicable Access Dispute

Andrew Feldstein
Halle Berry and her boyfriend Gariel Aubry have ended their relationship. The parties have one child together, Nahla, who was born in 2008. Although reports differ about who broke up with whom and how long the couple dated, reporters appear to agree that the parties continue to have an amicable relationship and that they are […]