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Kate Plus 8…Minus Child Support?

Andrew Feldstein
Life’s no (TLC-sponsored) day at the beach when you’re a divorced, unemployed father of eight – just ask Jon Gosselin. The reality star dad is back in the media this week after publicly complaining that he is struggling to pay rent due to his onerous child support obligation. According to Radar Online, Gosselin fears that […]

Jon & Kate: A Blooming Farewell

Andrew Feldstein
According to various news sources, reality television stars Jon and Kate Gosselin have finally ended their 10 year marriage after a long day of Mediation. All the legal issues were finally settled, and Jon was agreeable that Kate is to be the primary caregiver. Jon showed up to the Mediation session with a bouquet of […]

Jon & Kate Plus 8….plus Divorce

Andrew Feldstein
Tabloids, talk shows, and even CNN, have been covering Jon and Kate Gosselin’s messy separation. There have been all sorts of drama for this highly publicized couple since they announced that they were getting divorced in June of 2009. Most recently, Kate has accused Jon of taking roughly $200,000.00 from the couples’ joint bank account […]