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Elin + Tiger = together forever?

Andrew Feldstein
Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren were seen together this week, but not for the reason some may assume. The couple was spotted at a youth soccer game with their children, seemingly putting aside their infamous high conflict divorce to cheer on the little athletes. This is a far cry from the videos and pictures that […]

Tiger and Elin Woods- Custody and Access of the Children

Andrew Feldstein
Recent reports have stated that Tiger and Elin’s marriage is definitely over. Reports suggest that custody of the children is the central issue in the parties divorce. According to the press, Tiger and Elin are trying to work on an agreement where Elin can take the kids to Sweden and Tiger will have either custody […]

TIGER WOODS- Personal sins become public confessions

Andrew Feldstein
Only days after golf superstar Tiger Woods gets into a car crash outside of his home in Florida, allegations spread all over the media claiming that his wife, Elin, had beaten him with a golf club because she had found out about his extra marital affair with night club owner, Rachel Uchitel.